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Every Latino knows at least one of her songs… She has been living in the hearts of Latinos for generations… She is… Margarita

The most Mexican of the Colombians; Margarita has recorded over 35 albums with countless hits, earning her the nickname of “La Diosa de la Cumbia” – Goddess of Cumbia.

The best way to describe her music is “joyful”. Margarita has taken her Colombian roots, merged them with all the spices of Latin America, captivating audiences for generations.

Very early in her career she moved to Mexico, and began recording albums and theme songs for Telenovelas for Televisa.

This multi award-winning singer, has sold over 50 million albums world-wide and has received the highest honor that Colombia gives out to its citizens, “Grade of Knight”.

Margarita recently released “30 años de Cumbia”, celebrating 30 years of success with a live album recorded at the world renowned Auditorio Musical in Mexico City, earning platinum status just two months after its release.